Wills and Probate in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Death is something most people do not wish to think about, but it is necessary for a number of reasons. Let Irwin Law Firm provide counsel about wills and probate so in the event of your death, your affairs are in order. Our law firm serves clients nationwide.

In this way, you are in charge of estate planning, rather than leaving the decisions about the disposition of your property up to probate court. Our law firm offers you counsel in these areas:

Estate Planning

If you do not take matters into your hands regarding your will, the probate court will. That process requires a large amount time and money that could go to your children or a deserving charity.

Our attorneys will help you with your estate planning, which requires details such as names, numbers, bank records, deeds, and insurance policies. We advise you to let someone you trust know where this information is kept in the event of your death.

Living Trusts

To avoid the time and money of letting the court decide who should receive your homestead, opt for living trusts. Our attorneys will establish a trust for you with a signed agreement, file a warranty deed to put the home in the trust, and creating a pour-over will for other assets to go into the trust after death.

Powers of Attorney for Health Care, Financial Matters, and HIPAA

Take charge of your life now and in the future with a power of attorney. Such legal responsibility allows someone you trust to make personal and business decisions for you. For health care, you would grant a medical power of attorney. The health privacy rule, HIPAA, does not change this. For finances, the power of attorney gives your designee the authority to make these decisions for you when and if necessary.

Family Limited Partnerships

This far-ranging planning technique allows families with great wealth and a family business to retain control of the company, create a plan for succession, and transfer the wealth in estate and gift taxes at the lowest rates.

Probate Independent and Dependent Estate Administration

The question of probating an estate is answered by two methods – independent and dependent. With independent administration, the executor makes the decisions and administers the estate. With dependent administration, the executor must seek probate court approval before taking any action regarding the estate.

Contact us today to advise you in estate planning in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the State of Texas, and the rest of the country.